Simply tray

A simple tray in Merbau.

I’ll let you guess what it’s for.

Wanted to try cutting hardwood and engraving it.
I need to see what speeds I can push my LR too.

I get that’s different for every build but is there a good way to test this?


Looks great!

The zip tie on the vacuum hose says loud and clearly… you fit right in here!!! :upside_down_face:

Lol I just love reusable zipties. And this way I can use the vacuum hose to clean up.
I’m already ordering brushes to put on the sides so there no chips flying everywhere (especially under the wheels. )

It’s for mayonnaise? :smiley:

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Nope, curry wurst!! With Hela curry of course :wink:

Isn’t there just the coolest bunch of aficionados even in the V1 Forum? :smiley:

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I really, really, and I can’t stress this enough, really hate Hela Curry Sauce… I don’t like any Ketchup, actually. But Curry Ketchup is the worst. My brother loves it but eeeeeeeh. Sorrry. :frowning:

Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel :slight_smile:

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I don’t think the world is ready for @Tokoloshe to remove all of his filters

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Just glimpses of the truth would lead to madness. Mwahahahahaaaa. :scream_cat:

Philipp I cant stress this enough… you are so wrong…it’s the best thing to come from Germany :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good old Hela Ketchup, a german discount ketchup brand known for it’s distinct taste (no judgement if good or bad, it’s just very distinct!) and most of all the very unique bottle. :smiley: It was everywhere in my childhood and some Pommesbude/Frittenbude (cheap takeaway restaurants basically just selling fries and maybe sausage) even had more than just the standard Hela Ketchup since there is a ridiculous amount of tastes available to the true lover of Hela Gewürzketchup, with variants ranging from fruity to totally absurd :smiley: Best of course being “Curry Delikat” :rofl:

There is a very entertaining and motivated fanbase on Reddit (unfortunately in German) that is concerned with nothing but the best of all ketchups: Hela Ketchup. They share reviews, recipes, secret ingredients, hacks, modifications, spottings, … It’s very fascinating :smiley:

I myself am done for life with Hela since I just had too much of it in my youth :smiley:
Let us know how you feel when seeing above picture, @Tokoloshe

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You can use @jamiek gcode generator with the “hog-out test”

The machining strategy and type of bits used can also impact the overall speed a lot
Using a 6mm bit and a trochoidal strategy, you can remove a lot more material by using deeper DOC (like 4-5mm) and higher speed
This is particularly useful for those large pocketing operations like the tray you just made

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Very cool!

Do you mind sharing what endmill(s) you used?

Of course, I used a 6mm single flute endmill to do the pocket and cut out, a 30deg 6mm engraving bit for the engraving and a 12.6mm round bit for the rounding pass. On the inside (I made a special path for this one6.3 mm offset of the pocket.

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For some reason, I am thinking keys. But coins are in it…

When I visited Germany, we had a hot dog with curry ketchup in a train station. It was cheap and they had a neat machine to slice the hotdogs without being able to cut yourself. The whole thing was without a bun. You just ate the chopped up pieces with a toothpick. A place like that would do well here. Especially by the door of the ice arena. I would single handledly keep them in business buying a hot dog after each hockey game.

The cultural heirloom you enjoyed there was a “Currywurst”. It is an after-WW-2 dish that somehow got very popular :smiley: It’s a pork sausage that is first grilled and then inserted into the “wurst choppah” that cuts it up to 1-1.5cm pieces and these pieces are then drowned in sauce/ketchup (depending on how expensive/cheap you go :smiley: I heard there are even some that use Hela (see above) as their “secret ingredient” :stuck_out_tongue: ) and also dusted with curry powder. Sometimes it is served with a small breadroll as a side along dish to soak up the sauce. You are in luck no one heard you call it a Hotdog, as a handbrawl might surely have erupted if some Currywurst-Ultras heard you compare their holy meal to a Hotdog :stuck_out_tongue:


It was delicious and I’m sure my 5 German phrases already made everyone tune out my voice.

It was a while ago, but I do remember it being called a currywurst. I’m sure if I got a homemade one, or one from a nicer shop it would have tasted more like a bratwurst. But this one tasted just like a beef hot dog to me.

I need to find what is in this curry powder. I’m not sure I’ve seen that here. We have lots of curry sauces and even curry flavored ketchup. But I think the curry powder was the secret.

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The secret is to take the most cheap-ass curry powder you can find to maximize your returns. Might want to look at Aldi (Trader Joe’s). :smiley: