Silvia is on fire


The mosffet card is good for the extruders, but Silvia won’t go to beds with this card (4 x irf540n)!!

Any advice?

Heatsinks, big ones! Try insulating your beds (So they draw less power to warm up and keep at temp), maybe even get them up to temp one at a time (so they dump less heat into your heatsink at the same time). Once at temp I would imagine they should be fine.

I think You might actually have to go to something more efficient than those mosfets if a heatsink and fans don’t work.

Hi V. This happened in 30 sec :D. These irf540n mosfets have a lot of internal resistance (44mOhm). Trying stick a mosfet from a Ramps on the red board (irf3205 - 8mOhm).

Feedback on this soon.

Maybe wrong topic, sry… could U move it to Q&A?


Update: irf540N replaced by irf3205 (from RAMPS) and works pretty good!

So, no more fire; Silvia is now hot and near completion!

them up to temp one at a time
yep, already heating 1 channel/arduino loop, tkx :)