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It’s moving pretty good surfacing this marker holder I’m making for my sisters wedding today.


The website won’t let me upload a video but it’s moving pretty quick

Best hurry, if you’re going to get it to the wedding today, unless it’s an evening ceremony… :wink:

Wait, it is for her wedding TODAY??? Uh OH, hope you make it!

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Videos eat up a LOT of bandwidth, so @vicious1 would certainly appreciate links to YouTube, Vimeo, or some other dedicated file sharing service. Otherwise, you may just need more history with the forum software for it to trust you enough to take a larger file for upload. (It’s been a hot minute since I’ve dealt with the permissions system.)


Not at all what I was hoping for but I hope she likes it.


I didn’t engrave deep enough

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Use thosse paint markers carefully in your engravings!

Dang I wish I would have thought of that lol I was in such a hurry.

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I got this new bit and man it makes short work of facing a piece.

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Has anyone ever ran into the problem with repetier stopping during a run? I was 18 seconds from finishing this carving and it just stopped for no reason?

All it had left was the last 2 in the date and it stopped

Did your computer go to sleep?

I use an SD card in the screen so I don’t have to worry about sleep or updates on the computer.

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Yes, I had issues at first, then started to run off a usb stick plugged into the screen. Haven’t had issues since. The only other issue with random stoppages was i had left the micro sd card in my skr pro board. Took that out and all has good.

I have my the sleep mode turned off. I don’t have a screen. I’m hoping this is the only time I have this issue.

I had octoprint working great, then one day, octoprint on my 3d printer started screwing up, (Just what you said, it would stop printing whenever it wanted) then I remember Ryan saying, never have problems with sd card. Now I do that again.

For both cnc and 3d printer. (And I do I.T. for a living.) I wish my 3d printer didnt have a micro sd slot though!

I had a problem like that where I had somehow managed to only copy half the file. I am still not sure how I did that. But check your gcode.

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