Should I upgrade

so, I have the original lowrider. And it works just fine, Should I rebuild as an LR2 and what’s the advantage of doing so?

I’ve been wondering the same thing… I’m definitely going to cut the parts and maybe print them in spare hours. Them next time I feel like changing anything, I’ll combine it. The belts are bigger, right? So there are a few parts I’ll need.

Actually, I really haven’t needed this big a build, so I’m thinking of making a table similar to Ryan’s. Something in the 24x36" side work area. Maybe a little bigger, and built in place for edge work. I still want to try carving the ends.

Well, this is a tough one. No real compelling reason to change.

The update was to make it easier to use and build, while hopefully being slightly less expensive. There were some small nagging issues I wanted to change. Nothing ground breaking.