Should I or Shouldn't I?

Hi all,

I’m so close to start printing all the brackets etc and start purchasing all the parts. I just want to know a couple things.

  1. Will this (using stainless tube) be able to cut through 5mm aluminium? If not, do you have a recommendation for a machine that will?

  2. I’ve just built a Tevo Tarantula 3D printer and found that pretty easy. How easy / hard is this build to complete and to get it right?

Any advice welcome

Thanks John

1)yup, have a look at the gallery for some examples. But if you want to cut large objects you can make a plasma version for a much faster turn around.

2)In my opinion, the skillset is probably very similar.

Thanks Ryan,

I won’t need to cut anything bigger than 5mm aluminium, and that’s rarely. It will mostly be for wood.

Now I just have to see what size tube I’ll be able to get locally so I can print the right set.

I have used my MPCNC to cut out masonite templates and use a drag tip on my plasma cutter to cut out parts with good results.

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