Shop Lighting

I just bought 6x 48" LED lights for my shop(s). They are super bright. It’s really hard to communicate via pictures, but they seem very much like daylight when you are using them. I installed three in a line in the garage, one in the basement, and two in the shed outside.

n/m the dirty workbenches…

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Dang I have 1 of them I got from costco and it is pretty bright 6 must really be like daylight.

I like the “contains no UV” in the description. That’s funny.

Looks great Jeff. I am thinking about doing some of these lights in my office/hobby room instead of having a light kit on the bottom of the fan. I have a ways to go before making that decision though. Lol.

That’s why they are “like daylight”. No UV. :smiley:

Johnny, if you’ve got a central light and a workbench at the wall, you’re going to really benefit from some more light. Either a shop light like this or a lamp on the table. Otherwise, the closer you get to the work, the more light you block.

I’m a big fan of lights. I get happier when I have bright lights to work by.

I have six similar ones that I got from Costco like Ryan. They work really well in my basment. The old man and I are putting up a 40x60 in my front lawn. We were looking around for lighting a large building. We decided on 6 of these guys ( Was somewhat hesitant to drop that kind of money on lighting but really happy we did. I have yet to light all 6 (still wiring) but I did rig up electric to just one of them to see what they could do. The pic with the light on is just one of them (its amazing in person). The other pic is just showing where all 6 of them have been hung. I was super happy with the purchase.

One Light Hung


Six Lights Hung


That is going to be one really big Low Rider! That space looks awesome.


Can not wait! I have plans for the low-rider. Just have to get the heat going. It will be our little man-cave. He has lots of plans and ideas. I look forward to showing off the mpcnc’s/lowrider all setup and running. I will say though for 150 bucks (cheaper now it seems but oos at the moment) this one light is way brighter than the six lights I purchased from costco for around the same price.


“little man-cave” hah! You’ll probably be adding a “little table saw” and a “little lathe” and maybe a “little mill” or a “little projector & speakers”

The distance from the light to the bench makes a big difference, and area is also a big factor, so that huge space can justify big lights in a hurry.

I need to paint my shop…

Neil I think we should hold the MRRF 2018 at your new place your man cave looks bigger than the Goshen 4H building. Your making me wonder if I can stop looking for a shop and just get a chunk of land and put a building like that on it…

You have to put up some pics once and a while as you start to fill it in. You also need to put up some hooks for a giant V1 Engineering banner in the corner, a ZenXY for the lounge area…man you have some work to do, finish your coffee and get to work.

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hahaha, I am totally in! I even got a urinal waiting to be installed.



Epic. That has been on my wish list for years. Out in the shop on a freezing night. Warm and toasty in the shop, but the journey outside to obtain relief can be daunting.

Think of the poor trees that will not get watered…oh the humanity!