Shitty board?

Need some help troubleshooting if I have a shitty board.

Here’s the board I bought

Here’s what my LCD screen looks like when I fire up

Attached a pic of what the screen looks like during use.

As far as my build goes, I’m super satisfied: printed the parts, bought the kit from V1, built a nice little bed, everything is wired and initial tests show me it’s working great… however, this faulty display issue makes the machine hard to manage and move on to carving stuff up!

Side note: when I bought my Lowrider kit, I accidentally had two of these LCD monitors in my cart. Ended up coming in handy though since I have used both screens to test and verify they both display weird, leading me to think it’s my board. I used the pre-configured firmware as recommended.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to chime in and take the time to help a brother out!

Is the language set to klingon?

I’ve seen this before, but I can’t remember when… Maybe on my melzi board from a few years ago…

I’m assuming you flashed the board yourself, with your firmware? If the controller’s firmware was really messed up, it could be having an effect like this, but the processor on that board is the same as on any ramps or rambo.

Maybe it’s noise affecting the serial lines from the controller to the lcd?

I can’t see a good way this could be caused by the hardware of your controller board unless there was a missing component meant to reduce noise on those lines.

I just watched the video, clearly it’s got Ryan’s firmware on it. And it definitely looks like noise to me.

Here are some good starting places…

Assuming pixels are loade line-by-line and left to right it looks like the clock line for the display is picking up extra transitions from noise which is shifting portions of the lines to the right. Could be as simple as a missing pull-up/down resistor on the CLK pin, but more data would be needed.

You have an oscilloscope laying around by any chance?

I had this issue with a bad LCD cable. Replaced the cables and the problem went away.


I have bought 5 of these LCD controllers. Three of them have this problem. I flashed my ramps boards using Ryans firmware.

I have tried swithching cables without any success, so it must be in the controller.

I have a question about these displays, They come with a siicker on them that says “Remove after Washing” . Am I supposed to clean these controllers before use?

No, I think they wash them and leave the sticker on.

That is the LCD timing, it should be fixed in the current firmware. If you bought the board from me I shipped 10-15 with this bad firmware. Apologies but it is a quick fix!