Shipping options

My wife is wanting to start something like an Etsy shop or something along those lines for this stuff she is making on the laser. Knowing nothing about this side of things what are our options as far as shipping items? Or say we made our own website. Other than driving down to the post office and asking them I have no clue where to start with this kind of thing. I know @vicious1 does a TON of shipping but he’s a busy man so I wanted to ask everyone’s opinion. Thanks!

I don’t do anything commercially, but get carried away on eBay sometimes.

I use Pirate Ship for cheaper postage. USPS will let you schedule a pickup for free, usually the next day. UPS is cheaper, but I’ve always had to drop off.


For me, USPS is far cheaper, because I use flat rate boxes. Flat rate anything that fits ships, the boxes get delivered to you for free and you can schedule pickups at your house as often as needed for free. So I typically keep three sized boxes on hand and two envelope style for small things.


A second vote for pirate ship. I use it almost exclusively.

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