Thanks Ryan and the Forums!

I’m a teacher in the SF Bay Area and Fall Break is here for me (and my students). I began printing parts about a month ago in anticipation of assembling everything this last week. MPCNC did not disappoint! What an awesome project.

I’m not quite done, but wanted to fire it up to make sure it was operational. Next steps will be to spend some time learning Fusion 360 and try to get a few more drawings out before moving on to cutting things…Will be getting it dirty ASAP!

Welcome to the crew! Solid build.

Per your reminder I found a US company and have a ton of 10cc lube tubes coming! Thanks, so glad you pointed that out.

Super cool, making the kits as complete as possible (so I don’t have to run to Home Depot multiple times) and requiring just a few basic tools is a great idea. The lube, maybe both sizes of allen wrenches and maybe even a pre-cut lengths pipe…I would have loved to make one just like your Red/Black one…same footprint, with an option to make it bigger on my own after I had tested your size out.

best wishes!