Settings for software limit switches?

I got a slightly different setup on my MP3DP, as I use a BMG extruder clone with a E3D Hotend, also the Bed and glas-plate are bit different. So, I’d like to adjust the starting point where it does the purge line b4 a print, and also when the print does finish, the Y -axis moves a couple of mm too far. I tried to adjust in Configuration.h but it seems I’m tinkering on the wrong spot as changing values seem not to have any effect. I tried to change values here:


// Specify a park position as { X, Y, Z_raise }
#define NOZZLE_PARK_POINT { (X_MIN_POS + 20), (Y_MAX_POS - 20), 20 }
#define NOZZLE_PARK_XY_FEEDRATE 100 // (mm/s) X and Y axes feedrate (also used for delta Z axis)
#define NOZZLE_PARK_Z_FEEDRATE 5 // (mm/s) Z axis feedrate (not used for delta printers)


and here:

// Specify positions as { X, Y, Z }
#define NOZZLE_CLEAN_START_POINT { 40, 40, (Z_MIN_POS + 1)}
#define NOZZLE_CLEAN_END_POINT {120, 60, (Z_MIN_POS + 1)}


Those settings aren’t used, usually. I suspect what you want is in your slicer, in the starting and ending gcodes.

You might have your bed dimensions wrong in the slicer, too, if it’s doing something more complicated.

Thanks mate, I just found them, they are a bit off. Will tinker around with those settings when the current print is done.


[attachment file=“cura settings.png”]