setting up plotting


I’m using Repetier Host v2.0.5, clean install yesterday. I’m struggling with plotting. I can’t seem to master starting a plot. The pen has to be physically set to touch the paper, but then when the pen moves from one segment to another of the drawing, the pen drags across the drawing. The gcode doesn’t seem to contain any z lift commands.

I’ve used Esticam and the test crown file, and am now trying to use Inkscape to create my own plots. I converted the test crown to a .bmp for Inkscape, and used Inkscape’s Gcodetools extention to create the gcode. It plots the crown, but drags the pen across the plot when changing lines.

What am I missing? I understand the machine sets all axes to 0 at power on. Is that accomplished by power cycling the 12v supply, unplugging and re plugging the USB, or both?

Is it not possible to add a start code and end code to park the pen at a known location?

I had usb problems with the computer I was using, and probably power supply capacity issues. I changed computers, and I modified an old ATX 6a PS and am using that now. At least operation is more reliable now.

Why gcode tools, that might not contain any z commands. I have never used it.

So my test crown works good?

When you follow my estlcam instructions what step does it stop working for you? Instead of switching to a program none of use and .bmp files are a no no as well, stick with estlcam as most of us are very very familiar with it. The point of plotting with estlcam is so you get familiar and then can use it to cut later, instead of trying to learn a bunch of programs.


Agree with Ryan, don’t skip away from EstlCAM yet. You’ve got a setting wrong in EstlCAM or you aren’t setting the initial coordinates right.

That is exactly what I’m trying to do. I got the crown to plot nicely once. Tried repeating the process from scratch, and had problem after problem. Most of which were user errors or problems uncovered with the machine. Tonight I’m starting over again. Thanks for all you do to guide and encourage folks like me…

Make sure my file works perfect every single time before you even try to make your own. Mine is a know good file. That way you can tell if it is your mistake not the machine when you learn.