Setting the stepper drivers?

I’m working through getting my electronics configured. I bought the drivers from the shop here but I think I got the board on Amazon. I’m at the point where it talks about adjusting the drivers.

I have a multimeter, but no power source like the one in the video. I can think of a few other ways to power it, but I don’t want to burn anything up. How have others got through this step?

If you bought the drivers from vicious1, then I think Ryan has already adjusted them.

You can power them up on the ramps board, but be careful not to short things with the probes. A few people have come back here with an “oops, I guess I need a new Arduino”.

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I only set the ones that come on the ramps, if they came sealed, you have to set them before running your steppers. They are factory more than 2 times too high.

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So I’ve got it connected to the 12v power supply and I’m reading 0.07v on each stepper. Seems like I need to go up a bit.

Nevermind. Twisted the multimeter knob one too far. Seeing 1.6ish. Will dial down accordingly

It took just shy of a quarter turn clockwise on each on mine.