Setting Starting Point


Im not sure if I am thinking of this properly as I am still new to the software side of things.

Is there a way to set the starting point for the gcode to be run? To clarify, I understand that I can auto home X and Y and manually set Z with the probe at the beginning of the gcode. What I would like to do is to autohome then move the spindle manually to the starting point on the piece to be machined and of course start machining it. Is there some way I can do this at the machine?

For context I have an SKR Pro1.2 and im generating my gcode in FreeCAD.

Thank you!

Yes, when you fully home the device, your machine “finds” the machine’s set limits in at least one direction on each axis. The machine, based on the homing G-code, then does a crucial thing: it “zeroes” each homed axis, so when you’re all homed then you’re at 0,0,0 in x, y, and z in what we refer to as “machine origin.” But just as you can “zero” the Z down to the work piece, either manually or by G-Code that does probing, you can also manually “zero” the X and Y to somewhere other than the homing location. If you are using a touch screen with a user interface, there should be buttons for this. On my interface, those buttons are all located in the “Homing” section of the interface.

You can also do it by including starting gcode in your file.

The line you want to add is

G92 X0 Y0 Z0

You want to add it AFTER any autohoming ( G28 ) command

This tells the cnc to use the current location as the origin as Doug has described. You can add this line manually to the gcode file - it’s a plain text file you can open and edit - or in your CAM software so it’s added to all files generated.

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