Sensorless homing and dual Endstops

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I am going deep in the upgrade world with my ender 3. I am fighting with newer tmc2209 drivers and was thinking the stallgaurd aka sensorless homing would make the auto squaring up CNC simply a firmware upgrade with tweaking some settings once someone was ready to tinker with it.

Am I missing something or on the right path?



looks like this was already done…

The hard part is these drivers are on the bleeding edge and Marlin is changing stuff with them sometimes several times a day. They can’t be used for people just trying to make things with their machines for a while. To compound that Trinamics is still also speeding along to find that sweet spot, there are soo many TRinamics hardware options and each of them has sooo many internal options. Heck the drv8825 one option other than current, spread cycle, took a long to to figure out when to use it. Unfortunately it is just too complicated at the moment. If either one of those slow down for a bit we could commit to a system and fine tune it. I just got some 2209 drivers, a few days later a board with embedded 2209’s showed up and it is version 3!

Even more so to that point is the 32bit boards most of these run on, or embedded on, are not stable yet themselves in Marlin. Marlin has not released even an RC of 2.0 yet and that has all the 32bit stuff in it.

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I forget, even the different manufactures of the plugin drivers are making the drivers differently, different pins even, making it even harder to use.

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