Selling 25.4mm MPCNC Parts

This isn’t really a build, more of a “print”. I am selling a nearly complete set of 25.4mm MPCNC parts. I never actually used them because I later realized I wanted to make my second machine out of stainless. They are printed in black and white PLA, with similar quality to those you buy on this site(they’re printed off an MPCNC). I am selling them for the same price it costed me to print them, so no profit here, just a turn around for funding a MP3DP :slight_smile: All the parts are present to build a complete machine except the nut traps, and one of the corners. It does have the Dewalt 660 mount so I suppose that makes up for it. $45 dollars shipped is what I am asking for all the pieces seen below.

Hey Kevin,

IF you’re still trying to find a home for those 25.4mm parts, I would be interested in them. I’ve been planning on building my first cnc router and starting with a mpcnc would be a great first step into the hobby. Let me know if they’re still available.