(Searching) BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo + TFT 35. V3 Firmware for the MPCNC Primo

Hey Everyone, been searching now for 3 days after the SKR 1.4 turbo + TFT35 V3 firmware for my 2 months build Primo… sadly, till now I had no luck with any of the firmware I found…

Would be much thankful if someone can appoint me where to find it, or worst case, which lines to change in VSC from (SKR Prom build)

Appreciate your Help! :slight_smile:

Piggybacking here. Have 1.4 Turbo, have done SD card boot/flash. Wondering where jumper positions should be? Getting no communication at the moment.

Which firmware is there for the SKR 1.4 Turbo?

I’m looking to build a Lowrider, however can’t seem to find the 1.2 Pro or 1.3 Pro boards as BTT apparently only are selling the newer 1.4 Turbo variants?

Did you try the v1 shop? What about the rambo?

I don’t remember if we have a turbo firmware for the lr. If we do, it probably hasn’t been well tested. The firmwares are at MarlinBuilder releases.

No, not yet - i’ve certainly looked at it, however importing (from the US?) would very probably incur additional taxes on top of the asking price.

I’ve however found someone on eBay still offering the 1.2 Board locally (.de)…

Don’t know, honestly - from what i gathered in my (admittedly short) research so far is that it may struggle with laser engraving?

With all that said, i think the 1.4 (Turbo) variant would be the “modern” option at this point, no?

As i don’t know what it entails to get Marlin compiled with MarlinBuilder for the 1.4 i figured i’d just ask if it was possible for you to add it to it - there certainly seems to be interest in testing it :slight_smile:

Their names and numbers are not very clear. The pro 1.2 came out at the same time, or maybe even later than the 1.4 turbo. There is also an skr 1.3 (not pro or turbo) that came out at the same time. I see them as three different model numbers (pro, skr only, skr turbo) with independent version numbers (2 versions of the pro, 3 versions of the skr only, 4 versions of the turbo).

BTT is dropping some of these boards this fall. I don’t know if the turbo is on that list. I won’t miss the names, but I’m not sure what the logical successor is to the pro.