Screen is blank. I need some help

Hello, I assembled the cnc machine and have finished wiring everything. Was it done correctly, I thought I did, but I’m not sure now, because my screen turns on but its blank. I read the forum with similar issues but my board is different from some of the forums that advise to reverse plugs. No movement and just beeping noises when i press down the knob. I have also switched the exp1 and 2 cables just to try since the forum has alot of others switching, but nothing, just blank screen. I have zero experience in cnc equipment, so be easy on the lingo with me and I’ll try my best to understand. Thank you. Here are my pics of what I have.

Welcome to the forum. Why do you have the blue usb cable plugged in?

Unsure? No experience in what I’m doing. But I will unplug.

Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your build!

My question as well.
If removing the USB doesn’t fix things, tell us whether you get a V1 logo when you power up the SKR board. You should get a red V1 logo and the after a few seconds it should be replaced with a GUI- either Marlin mode or the BTT touch interface.

Removing usb fixed it. Thank you so much. Spent hours of reading and being frustrated over a usb cable. Now I can finally move on because of your help. Thank you!

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It’s great you have things up and running.
Please feel free to share more details of your build and your projects.

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