Scope creep

I haven’t even started my build and I’m already thinking of things to add…

Need to add a small vibrating motor to the bottom of the shelf the sand sits on. You can turn the motor on and vibrate the table to re-level the sand on it before starting the next design.

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This might work with sand. When I was using sand, I could just shake the table by hand to erase.

I have tried a vibrating motor with baking soda - no dice. Won’t even budge.

Personally, I don’t feel a need to level the sand/soda. The next design goes right over the top. You can always print a “wipe” like a spiral or one of the wipes generated by Sandify if you want a clean slate.

If you actually do get a vibrating eraser working though, I’d love to see it!

use a subwoofer… lol :upside_down_face:

The brown frequency?

Lol, maybe you just want to vibrate it flat

[Mythbusters Brown Note](

Little Crystal Method or Infected Mushroom to level the sand. Works best with RGB lighting.

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And glowsticks :dizzy_face:

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