Save to DXF Crashing Fusion

I created a 2d file on Fusion to engrave on acrylic for my sons birthday. Every time i try to save the finished sketch as a DXF fusion crashes. Ive tried on 2 different machines with the same result. IDK what the heck im doing wrong. Hopefully one of you can help me out here. Even if someone can just get it to save and post it that would be amazing. Im runing short on time lol.
Mason Birthday Sign Acrylic (754.1 KB)

It crashed for me too. Fusion does not handle complicated drawings very well, and it will often choke.

So, I broke your drawing into pieces, exported the individual pieces, then reassembled them. You may have to tweak the results a bit…particularly the spacing of the “MASON” lettering.

In the ZIP file below, you will find the processed Fusion 360 file, the pieces, and the assembled result. (2.1 MB)

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You sir are a life saver!!! Thank you so much!!! I was so frustrated after spending so long making it just how we wanted it for it to just not work. I just had to walk away for a while. Again…thank you!!!


That turned out really well! If the end product is to be edge lit, I’d love to see it in its final fixture.


Yes it is. I made a post in software/estlcam about some issued i had cutting out the box for it. But hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow it will be finished and light up lol. His Birthday is Sunday. Nothing like working down to the wire lol. Once completed i will make a “things you have made” post