Sandify Update v0.2.7

New version of Sandify. Somehow, it has been a year without a release. There was one annoying bugfix, a few updated packages, and bob made some new, fancy fonts.


Love the fonts! Those fascinate my guests the most.

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Hi jeff

Thanks so much for the update😍. The fancytext is so nice.

But where are the new patterns? Didn’t find it yet🧐

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The fancy text is the only new pattern.

Was there something else I missed?

Oh sorry jeff. I didn’t read well your update! Thanks a lot for the job

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No worries. Sorry for the mis comm.

Hey Jeff - Love the text additions!

I think there might be an issue now with importing GCODE files in this new version of Sandify? I can import THR, but not GCODE or NC? Sorry of this isn’t the right place for this note - I can delete if not appropriate here.

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This is a fine place for it. But I will also open a github issue.

I have been poking at this several times, and I’m not seeing where the issue is coming from. In the console (ctrl+shift+i in firefox or chrome), I can see the exception, but it is in a core library to node that I can’t imagine is this broken. We didn’t change the code we are using to call it, and the intermediate libraries haven’t had updates in years. So I think just updating our tool chain from node 12 to node 16 has caused this break to show up. But I am still not sure. C++ is the language I am most familiar with, and js is sort of a fun exercise for me, so I am reaching out to get some help. But I doubt this will be fixed soon. I may just have to find another library that can parse gcode, or remove the feature altogether, which really stinks, because I love having this feature.

Thanks again for reporting on it.

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I appreciate all the work looking into this. I’d offer to help, but I’m useless with this kind of stuff.

Although it would be a shame to lose this feature - I use it all the time - since importing .thr still works, I’ve been converting my gcode files to thr in excel. Little more effort, but workable.

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Hello Jeff

I have noticed a bug in sandify. try to import 2 drawings and connect it through the perimeter parameter.
The preview is ok but try to export and import it in a new sandify page! the 2 drawings are connected with a single line!

I was just recreating this and this is what it does for me (I am using rectangular machine limits here):

That line was on the perimeter before I exported. The export format can’t keep the information that they used to be connected through a perimeter previously.

What you can do to work around it is to export each layer on its own, instead of combined, and then set the perimeter parameter again.

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Sandify seems to be down…

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Fixed. You caught me during an update. Thanks.

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@khgrap, The import feature is fixed in v0.2.8. I just checked at Make sure you do a complete refresh (Shift+F5, or whatever for your browser) if you have any trouble.

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Excellent. Thanks!

Hello Jeff. Me again.

I wanna to know the possibility to just change the format of this parameter bellow. Now it is an interger but could be so helpful if it could be a float!

Nice catch! I can edit it as a float (with my keyboard). But somewhere between that, and the calculation, it must be getting converted. I’ll open a bug and get to is soon.

Hi. Happy to have cached sometime :relaxed:

By the way the issue I have alread mentioned is very annoying…I have try to export two by two layer but the size of the final drawing become so so big😭

The perimeter export/import thing? I can’t/won’t fix that. Once the vertices are exported, I don’t know how they were connected originally, and importing that information would be too difficult.