Sandify Update v0.2.3

New version of Sandify. Bob and I have been having fun writing this stuff. I hope you all enjoy it. Details are in the release notes, but since there’s no way to talk about it, please post your thoughts here.

Big thanks again to @bobnik, and also to @mksurguy.


Thanks to you, Bob and mksurguy for continuing to improve this tool. The rounded corner feature and the “function” option for spin and scale allow for some very cool designs. I’m having lots of fun with it.

Someone else made the recommendation, and I’ll echo it here – it would be great to have a repository of some sort where folks can save the input parameters designs they’ve made. I’d be happy to add a few!

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I’d like that too. I don’t think I can easily make a place where people can log in and share (I really can’t do much server side). But I would like to make a format that is easy to share and import. Then I would like to find a place to share them, and honestly, something like a forum post would be fine with me.

We are currently making another huge change, and I think it will break amy format we can make now, but once that is finished, I will seriously consider making a format that we can easily share together. The SVG output is close, but it isn’t easy to read in.

In the meantime, exporting a SVG file is a good way to show what the pattern looks like, and if you open it in a text editor, you can see the parameters used.

You can also share the gcode files, and import those directly (but they are treated special and you can’t play with the params).

I would love to see what you’re making. You can make a new post here, and call it something like khgrap's sandify patterns and post the gcode or svg or both. Just put it in the sandify category. You will be a guinea pig. :slight_smile:

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That sounds good! Many of the better patterns I downloaded are a few months old now, and I made a bunch of manual edits (which may or may not have included deleting the input parameter references :grimacing:). I’ll try this for the next few good patterns I generate and will post them separately.

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When using the “function” option for scale or spin, I believe “i” represents an iteration or loop. Are there any other variables that can be used in the equation? Perhaps the “spin” number, which seems to be treated as a factor simply applied to the equation? Or maybe the variable defined by starting size or number of sides (under polygon)?

It only has i.

I hate to talk sausage making, but it would be tricky to get some of the other variables into that function. I would be curious what you would if them for. You could definitely just use those numbers, since you have them, but that’s not as much fun as just setting the equation and scrolling the sin number.

It would be just for that - changing the variable in one place and having it carry through. In some cases, it takes a full 5-8 seconds for the function to update and reflect in the drawing. Having several static numbers just means waiting a bit longer for everything to update. I was also wondering if it would be possible to use min/max functions of all i values? Looks like that’s not possible either. No biggie - just wondering. Thanks!

Min/max i, do you mean so you could do something like i/max_i?

Yep - exactly. Is that possible? I have’t tried.

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It is not currently possible, but it would be an easy fix.

No ETA, mostly because I am not sure when I will release again. But I will keep this issue up to date.

Sounds great. Thanks!