Sandify Update v0.2.2

New version of Sandify. Bob and I have been having fun writing this stuff. I hope you all enjoy it. Details are in the release notes, but since there’s no way to talk about it, please post your thoughts here.

Big thanks again to @bobnik.


Optimizations, fractals, and new patterns…YES!

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I haven’t tried all the new stuff yet but the text…dreamy.

Can’t find the post I had showing the paths but figured I should show you how good it looks anyway!

That looks awesome. The square wipe looks cool too. I should make that its own pattern.

I was trying to cheat the system and use it to push some soda out from the middle to the edges. I still have about a 1/16’th to deep in there. turns out running it 3 times back to back made very little difference.

Sort of off topic, but it is really interesting to read about how slow electricity moves electrons. The effect of the electricity is really fast (flick the switch, light turns on) but the actual electrons take a really long time to actually move the whole distance. link

The sand is probably the same. To get the soda to the outside, you can only move it by 12mm (at most) per pattern, so it is much slower than the entire pattern (which covers the whole area in one pattern).

Small stuff is complicated.

What a cool paper. Never thought about AC not actual “moving” in a direction but just vibrating. The electroplating example at the end puts the speed very clearly into perspective for me…and that is twice as fast as DC actually moves!!! That is pretty nuts.

As for the table I actually tried to work out how much was moving. I watched it for about an hour. I filmed it in 1/8 slow motion and yeah I think best case scenario is moving 1/4 width of soda at a time. Until it gets to the outside edge then it moves a little extra around as it can actually push some in front of it like a tiny steel dozer from the future. Lemme see if I can upload a clip.

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It would probably be faster to move it by spoon and then have many patterns to flatten it out. IDK… It looks like you’ve got a lot in there.

I printed a little comb that makes it to a specific level, but my glass is in pretty tight and I get nervous every time I pry it out.

If you could mitigate the harmonics issues (via white noise functions or some such?), you could set up little dc motors with offset weights around the table to shake the medium smooth. Pry apart some dead cellphones, console controllers, or anything with a rumble or vibrate feature (just make sure you get permission or you’ll piss off your kids/significant other). At least, get it smooth-“ish”, and pseudo-evenly distributed.

But like I said, you’d probably have some harmonics issues to contend with.

I don’t think that will work with the mass of the table and the stiffness of the baking soda. You’re welcome to give it a try though.