Sandify patterns can be used in cricuts

Apparently, the svg output from sandify works fine as input to cricut machines:


That’s cool! What made you think to try that?

The cricut is for cutting vinyl, right? I would NOT want to weed that! but it might be cool if you have laser safe vinyl (easyweed for example), and used it to cut THROUGH the carrier on the inside parts, meaning you wouldn’t have to weed anything but the outside

You can apparently use it for pen plotting too. They even sell infusible ink pens that you can use to transfer a drawing to fabric like a shirt. I don’t know how you would use it for vinyl cutting, since it doesn’t make shapes.

This is my sister’s machine and my mom was the one to try it. I was just curious to see if it would work. I might make a shirt or a grocery bag or something.

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