Sandify News Fall 2019

Some news from the last few weeks:

  1. I registered for, so now hopefully you can remember it well enough to just type it in.
    :tada: :smile: :tada:
  • As an annoying side note. The .org TLD might be getting sold. It seems like it is bad news, with higher renewal fees in the future. There is a site where you can petition for it to not be sold here: Even if you aren’t that concerned about, it would really be a shame if all the .org domains had to pay huge amounts to renew their addresses.
  1. I added a new shape tonight. It’s like a circular triangle. Wikipedia says it is called a “Reuleaux Triangle”, so that’s what I labelled it. I’m open to suggestions on a better name :confused:. I also figured out how to draw it with an arbitrary number of sides. Technically, the odd number of sides ones are “Reuleaux Shapes” and they have the interesting property of having a constant width from any direction.

I made this shape because it is the shape of the logo from my alma mater, The Colorado School of Mines, or Mines.

(New forum feature. Click on this little arrow to see more about the Triquetra fail)

I _almost_ got the triquetra to work, but I could only get it right for 3 sides.

If anyone is interested, maybe we can work it out together. I think the problem is that either the scaling or the arc length for 5 sides, 7 sides, etc. is wrong. I thought the arc length should be 2pi/(sides-1), but it is just slightly off. I didn’t deploy this shape, because I need to also add a checkmark to switch between the reuleaux and the triquetra. Also, these names are terrible.

  1. I have a github sponsors account set up now. Github is matching contributions for the first year. No pressure, but I want people to know it exists.

I like it, makes me sound fancy. I don’t even know if I am pronouncing it right and neither will most of my friends!

I’ve been just saying Roll-Oh. Rolo.

What…Fancy it up a bit. Rolloooo.
I was actually trying to find a roll-o gif earlier.


I thought it was Rey-low

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