Sandify Issues

There is a difference between the Sandify preview and what actually happens on the table. See below I have written text and then I am masking patterns around it. I don’t want anything to come back across the text. Which it does show happening (the lines through the text is an initial wiper before the text). But then when I input the gcode into Repetier Host, it shows that there are lines connecting different patterns and they ruin my text. I have ran the gcode just to be sure, and it does indeed go right through my text.

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Looks like you need to add a few points to re-route the ball. Each layer pay close attention to where it starts and stops get them as close as you can. If you need to use point on a layer to steer the ball on the edge to the next point.

I think this is a known bug. If you reimport the gcode into sandify, does it show the offending line segments?

I am way behind on my sandify work. This bug adds lines between layers and I think we have an issue and a fix for it. It just isn’t released.

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