Sandify Feed Rate

Where is the feed rate set for gcode generated by Sandify? I get error 22 at the first move line (GRBL)

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Sandify doesn’t specify a feed rate, but allows you to add start code. I use that to home the machine. Currently my program start code looks like this:

G0 X1 F600
G0 X0

It homes the machine at default homing rate, then stutters the ball out 1mm and back to set the feed rate. (I very likely don’t need to actually move the machine, but it works, and I haven’t bothered changing it for a long time.) Sometimes I edit the file to change the feed rate, or for “playlist” files, I sometimes comment out the G28 and feed rate commands after the fact, and the output files keep whatever feed rate I set last.


I manually edited the first move to include “F500”. That worked fine but your start code trick is better. Thanks!


Can confirm, a straight up call to feed rate on its own line is all that is needed to set feed rate. Doesnt need to be appended to a move. My start code looks like this (GRBL):

G92 X0 Y0
G0 Y-10
G92 X0 Y0
G0 X-10
G92 X0 Y0

I believe Marlin will also take the F#### lines straight up as well.

Marlin will NOT accept the F4000 line by itself.

It will, however accept G0 F4000 without an X/Y component. That 1mm jog doesn’t take very long anyway. I might change it to just the feed rate command if I remember next time I make a Sandify pattern.

Funny, I could have sworn I’ve done just F on my mpcnc, which is marlin…but maybe I used the g0 first. No matter. Thanks for clarifying!

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