Routing Acrylic

I did some material testing yesterday, wood works flawlessly, aluminium well yeah, my steppers are shitty (used from a cheap 3d printer, they are really weak and overheat badly if you turn them up, new ones are ordered) but acrylic didnt seem to work. all i got was a molten glob on the gland end.


i was using a 2 flute 1/8" endmill and a feedrate of around 600mm/min @10.000rpm.

does anyone know what would be a good starting point? i’m not sure if i need to move faster, turn the spindle down or what the deal is. how much DOC should i chose ect.

For plastics, single flute and o flute shapes work great. You need to move pretty quick for acrylic, and make big enough chips to keep the bit cool. I did a few things in acrylic on the mpcnc, I think I did 22mm/s, 1mm DOC using the 660 turned down. That’s fairly fast for the mpcnc, but it was okay in acrylic.

Also lots of air(vac or compressed), get the chips out, or you’ll get the blob of doom. Trocodial helps with this as well.

Agreed. Check out the gallery, click through a few projects, some should have the settings and that should get you close.