Rounded Corners

created a rectangle in Inkscape and rounded the corners. When loading in Estlcam, the corners are square…suggestions to correct?

Break the object into a path.

Thanks, not sure why that didn’t occur to me

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Hi, I have the opposite problem. Estcam is rounding off all my outside cornders? Any idea what setting would cause this? Thanks in advance.

Estlcam tries to make the outside path take a curve at the same radius as you defined your tool. When it’s done this should result in a sharp corner, but the outside of the path (And the center of the path as shown in the preview_ will look rounded.

If you are getting round corners on your finished project, you may have defined the radius of your tool too large. This also results in the parts being too big and holes being too small.

Thank you. Yes my finished project has rounded corners. I tested with pen prior to committing to wood. I have the tool radius as 2 mm.