Rough Wood Cut / Burrs

I’m currently trying to figure out why my cuts come out so rough. I’ve tried changing the speed of the spindle, the depth per pass, and the speed of cutting, but my cuts still seem to come out quite rough. The only thing I haven’t tried is switching from an single flute up cut bit to a down cut.

Any and all advice is welcome!

Did you try finishing pass? Its highly recommended.

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I’ve found downcut endmill to be very helpful with that issue. They have their own drawbacks, but work great for this sort of thing

With the same bit? Or after swapping out to something like a downcut?

Same bit! A few tenths of a millimeter

You also need a sharp bit to remove those fuzzies. But those don’t seem too bad. It gets worse when it pulls up the fibers for 1/8" away from the line, that’s when its bad. This looks like it just left a little and a quick scrape with some sand paper will cut those right off.

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