Roland Drag Knife

A few months ago, I built an MPCNC with a work area of 20 in by 30 in. I attached a Dremel 300 clone, and after a few hiccups, was able to cut a variety of things of interest to me,

I then decided to purchase a Roland drag knife, and attached it using thing:3388793 on thingiverse. I then cut several vynil stencils for use in my zero profit painting career.

Seeking to make it easier to interchange the dremel and the knife, I printed the HicWic Universal mount and a holder for the dremel.

Now I have run into a problem trying to go back to the knife. I found a holder for the knife, to slide into the universal mount. But, I had to make some modifications to the design to fit my particular model of knife.

Now, here’s the rub! When I mount the knife, the EMT Z tubes hit the work area before the knife does!

Somewhere along the line, I think I saw a modified universal mount to avoid this problem but I can’t seem to find it. I do notice, that many of the tool attachments show a universal mount where the mount bottom is flush with the bottoms of the pipes. Mine sits about a half inch higher (see Photo). I wonder if somebody can point me to the mount that I need?

Thanks for your help.

I know that if you are using the mount that Ryan provides, it is designed to sit flush with the bottom of the conduit. I would expect other mounts to be the same. Otherwise, you are losing Z height.

Try repositioning the mount so it is flush with the tubes.


What wire is comming out of the Z tubes?

Sorry, I replied to the email instead of here.

That wire does not come out of the Z-tube, it is behind it. It comes from the Z axis motor.


T reposition the mount would require a reworking of some combination of the metal tubes, the mount and the nut trap. I am not sure I am up to those modifications.

And, I am sure that I saw a modified mount a few months ago, and can no longer find it because thingiverse is VERY slow, and seems to only give partial results.

I have managed to find the file I needed.

But Thingiverse is really strange. I searched for MPCNC and got a grand total of 10 items!

Yes real pain lately