Rocking Chair

I am planning to make some patio furniture. Here is the first piece from a single sheet of 18 mm plywood. Measures 34" x 34" x 24". Not only this chair but LR2 itself rocks :slight_smile:


How big a person do you suppose could sit on that? I don’t have any experience with 3/4 ply, just stuff under 1/2 inch.

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That is two layers of 3/4" as the main supports, so imagine that was a twisted 2x4, but from hardwood ply. Pretty beefy, I would guess easy 250lbs. The geometry isn’t great for strength (but it rocks on looks). But still, I bet it is pretty strong.

I sit in this chair regularly and I am not quite 250:

This Ikea chair is about 20mm thick and the geometry might be even harder. Just my $0.02. I think it would be pretty solid.


The chair feels solid and the rocking motion does not have any side to side wobble. I am around ~170 lbs or so. But I feel it should be able to take 250 lbs. The center of gravity stays within the base because of its depth. So, you have to really try hard to topple it during the rocking motion. The seat could use some more height. Currently, it gives a lounge chair kind of feeling but may be that was the intent (its not my design).


That looks like something worth making. Is this an open source design? If so could you point me in the direction where I could find it? Thanks and looks great!



I got it from Etsy.


The sale is not available anymore. Could you share the file?

Looks like this one Rocking Chair Plywood 15 mm dxf File Free Download -

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I’m 300+, and from the picture, I’d sit in it. Gingerly, and I’d be listening to what the chair tells me, but I’d trust it to hold me. Might even rock gently (as when rocking a grand-baby to sleep). No flopping down in exhaustion, or wild, cat-threatening geriatric headbanging rocking, though…

You would really like having a “Jake’s chair”. It’s amazingly sturdy.

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