Robo Question

I have a Robo R1+ I used to print my MPCNC. It appears I have a bad ramps board or Arduino. Can I use any RAMPS 1.4 clone and flash it with Robo firmware? Any boards in particular to look for or avoid? I replaced the stepper driver and set it but nothing. all other axis are working and if I move the Extruder (the offending axis) to another axis it works. I know my voltage is good as I had them previously mapped. I thought I would ping the board since I know some of us started on a Robo. Thanks.

Dave lively

You might be able to just remap your extruder to port E1 instead of E0.

Dooode! I did not think of that! How simple! I’ll give it a try tonight. I’ve consumed a bunch of info since I posted and I may still buy a generic some guys are using in the Robo board but perhaps it may just become a backup. Thanks Ryan.

Any board will work in the R1, if that doesn’t fix it. Most any printer can have a board swap relatively painlessly.