Resin print V3 parts?

Sorry I’ve been offline awhile. Been playing with my K40 C02 Laser and the Lowrider2 has been neglected some. Time to add another machine to the shop. Has anyone printed the V3 parts using a resin printer like the Formlabs 3?

No way to print the core with that build volume.

Got to be careful with SLA printers, most of the resin prints are kind of brittle.


I totally agree with Dan.
Now, to medicate the brittleness of the resin, I’ve been mixing Siraya Tech Tenacious. To my to go resin, Anycubic resin, (2 parts Anycubic or any other resin and 1 part Siraya Tech Tenacious) and I have been getting great results.
I have 2 other resins That I have not tried yet … from Resione. The F69 and F80.

But I’m sure a mix (to the right proportion) will be OK.
I do have some parts of the LR2 that was been resin printed…