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Hello everyone, i’m still on a steep learning curve but slowly working out Estlcam and Repetier for use on my Primo… as it stands at the moment i have to run my MPCNC from a computer through repetier which is no drama… pretty sure the 1m cable from my rambo V1.4 to lcd is the issue… the annoying issue i have is once i position my work piece and locate where i want the new home position to be i have to use the LCD to “Reset All Coordinate” …is there any way to do this through repetier so that the lcd isn’t needed??
Cheers sean

What that menu items does is send G92. Something like:

G92 X0 Y0 Z0  ; Set current position to 0,0,0

On Repetier-Host, on the manual tab, you can type this line of g-code (only need up to the semi-colon) in the G-Code edit field and hit “Send.” Or you can have it automatically inserted for you. In Repetier-Host, you can go to Config/Printer Settings. Select the “Scripts” tab. You want to use/add the “Start Code” scrip. Type any lines of g-code you want to add to the top of your script in the large dialog.

And one more way. In this same dialog, if you click the Script dropdown and select “Script 1” and type in the command in the large dialog, the command(s) will be attached to the “1” button in the Manual control tab and can be sent by clicking the “1” button.


And there also a way to insert the G92 in EstlCAM, though I’m not going to detail the solution unless you really want it for some reason.

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Thank you so very much… i will have a go at setting it to button 1… these programs are bloody awesome for free… I’m keen to pay for them as it only seems fair…

FYI, RH doesn’t listen to Marlins coordinates. So if you use G92 X0 Y0 Z0, you can remind RH that is is ay zero with a secret command @isathome. Otherwise RH won’t think you are at zero and jogging after that is goofy.

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