Reprap discount controller > lowrider 2 mpcnc

I’m sure I haven’t posted this in the correct place but, my apologies to the moderators. Please move if not correct,
My clicker on my reprap discount controller was giving me a fit today and messed up a few parts I was making. After getting overly frustrated I decided maybe it’s time to order a back up. The v1 store shows that they are sold out. I remember someone saying Amazon so I went there.
However I don’t believe this is the same thing.
Is this comparable to a lowrider too? What needs to be done upon receiving it.
Please keep in mind I bought this lowrider I did not build it. Therefore I’m a little grey in the firmware and hardware etc on these.
Hope to build a lowrider 3 someday

Thanks in advance

These controllers are all pretty much the same with one caveat: sometimes the 10 pin connectors are keyed differently. The MKS ones I know are backwards to the way that most, like the ones for the RAMBo are.

The solution there is to either pull off the keyed shields on the 10 pin connectors, or (what I did) cut the keys off of the cables with a chisel and just plug them in the other way around.

@SupraGuy you got a picture of this modification? That on the ribbon connectors?
Okay we’ll I may order that today then.
Will I need to download anything from v1 for the new controller?
Wish they were in stock, I’d feel a lot more comfortable about it lol

It’s really not much to take a picture of. There is a tab on the side of the cable plug that I cut off, and you probably don’t even need to do that.

Some of these controllers come with a board to adapt them to a RAMPS board, which you won’t need for the RAMBo or SKR Pro 1.2.

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