Remote control for Dust Collection System

Wordy listing title: “AC 110V/120V/240V/ Relay RF Remote Control Light Switches for Pump Security Systems etc with 328ft Long Range for Household Appliances, Pump,Lights Ceiling and Electrical Equipment”

The listing I bought from was priced at only $10.99:

Here are a couple of photos of my install. Please note: do not take this as sound electrical advice and do not attempt this without professional help unless you are trained and capable and take full responsibility for your actions! :slight_smile:

I found this to be easy to install, and once I finally obtained the directions for pairing the remotes, the setup works great. See below for how to pair remotes!

For my HF dust collector, I have previously had an outlet wired to a “light” switch on the wall. It was a 2-up switch plate. One switch turned on lights in my workshop, the other switch turned on the dust collection.

I wanted to avoid cutting the cord on the dust collector, and also avoid redoing any of my previous wiring, so all I had to do was find an unused appliance cord with the AC power plug still on it, and use the plug to get power from the “switched” outlet over to a newly mounted outlet, but with the receiver in between on that circuit. I cut off a small part of the appliance cord’s wire length to cover the second part of the journey (from receiver to second outlet). Wired up L and N to input, and L and N to output, and connected the ground wire from cord still on the plug, to the additional cord piece that had been cut to use on the other side, and then finally connected L, N, and G to the new outlet. From there, mounting the new outlet and receiver … was all a breeze, except I am really good at dropping small screws.

Price was great. However, the listing did not include instructions for pairing remotes, and no directions were included in the packaging. Nevertheless, I was able to locate a higher-priced listing ($16.99) of the same receiver and remotes, and it included instructions in the description. See below. (Note: my version below is cleaned up, has typo’s corrected, and is worded better.)

How to pair a new controller?

  1. Press the small button on the side of the receiver three times (3x). The LED on the front of the receiver will turn on, solid green.

  2. Press the ON button on the remote once (1x). The LED on the front of the receiver will blink green three times, then stay solid green.

  3. Press the OFF button on the remote once (1x) to finish the pairing. Now you have successfully added a new controller. Repeat as needed for any additional controllers.

How to clear the memory?

  • Press the small button on the side of the receiver eight times to clear the memory, then add a new controller again.

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Good find. I can use one of these. It works ok with the HF DC?

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I got something like this a few years ago (newer model listed now):

This to me is much simpler and you don’t have to mess with wiring in mains power, just plug this in to your main outlet and then whatever you want to control into this. I have had my HF 2hp DC plugged into it and use it all the time.


I’ve got a similar unit, plug and play and has been working great for years. If I ever get around to getting a proper shop apron, I’m going to include a special ring or pocket for this remote. Now it sits on the edge of the dust collector itself, which tends to limit the benefit of having a remote. Unfortunately, if I don’t make sure to put it back there I’ll never find it again.

I hear that!! I keep mine sitting right next to the mouse I have for the laptop that runs my one CNC machine. THat way I always know where it is… When I have to hook up to the table saw or other tools, it’ll go in the pocket or I leave it where it is.

The one Doug linked has two remotes. I am planning on putting one on the table saw and one on the work bench maybe clipped to my apron, IDK.

Yep, it works great for my HF DC.

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Yep that would definitely work! And because I revised mine so it could simply “plug into” an existing outlet, I basically turned it into one of the ones you linked. Mine does have two remotes though.

Of the two remotes mine came with, each has a little clip ring on it, and I’ve clipped one onto the power cord loop right by my LR3 control box, and the other is clipped onto a zip tie right near my station where I have belt sander, wall-mounted sliding saw/panel saw, and mini table band saw (powered by a portaband, but attached to a table from Swag Offroad). My plan is if I happen to be doing work out on my big table saw, I can carry one out with me, and then promptly return it to “home” when done. I also fully realize if I don’t closely keep up with the remote, it could be become lost to the “void.” LOL