Relocating control board

Awesome resources here!

Looking to build a Lowrider 3 with a plasma torch on it. My plasma is a high frequency pilot arc unit that will likely emit a lot of EMI. I would like to move the location of the control board.

Would obviously require longer wires for the motors and end stops and probably a drag chain of some sort to tackle cable management.

Likely to run the SKR 1.2 Pro with a RP4 and remotely control it. Will put the control board and RP4 into a metal enclosure and earth everything out.

Can anyone see any possible issues?


That is a giant can of worms. It all depends on your plasma cutter. Sometimes there is not much EMI to worry about. Other times users have wrapped and grounded everything and still popped boards.

A few weeks back I ran my machine and it popped a GFCI in my house on a different circut…I am using a fully grounded system (Custom Linux CNC) built in a metal box and fully grounded.

My advice is take every precaution you can.