Relayed router spooling up when manually moving z axis up?

I wired in a relay to start my router so I could send M4 command when I was set to spool up the router. The command works great spools up works just as I expected except… When I move the Z axis up manually it also spools up the router. I’ve gone through the Marlin config and can’t seem to find where they could be interacting. Scared me the first time it happened wasn’t expecting it to fire up by moving the Z axis. Any tips or things I should look at. Maybe I have it wired into the wrong output. Currently its tied to Heat2 output. Any help would be appreciated.

Not a solution, but you might try hooking up your router to fan pins and using M106/M107 to start/stop the router. This is how I control my laser and my router. If the same problem occurs with the fan pins, then it is likely your issue is electrical and not a firmware issue. If it doesn’t happen, then you can look further with firmware settings.

Thank you I just updated the firmware to Marlin 2.11 and it stopped router starting during z axis up, but now only one stepper works on x axis’s and y axis’s always something. Thank you for advise I will looking into trying fan outs.

If X2 and Y2 are not working, then it is likely you have a dual endstop machine, but you installed the wrong firmware. You want to install a version with ‘dual’ in the title.

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Thanks Yep I didn’t open all the assets and got the wrong one I am probably too tired to do this tonight before I break the machine. Thanks for you help!

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