relay to turn on/off dewalt dw660

Hello everyone. This may have been posted before. Would the following relay work with turning on/off the spindle? I plan on adding screwing in a female socket to accept the plug. Is 10a enough?


I’m pretty sure the DW660 draws 5 amps so that should work. If you want some breathing room then do a search for SSR . They have SSR relays that handle 20 and 40 amps for a dollar or two more than what you linked in your post.

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Or just get one of these.

I have one and it turns on my 660 and shop vac at the same time.

Very nice.

I really like that box . How big is your vac? I see the spec sheet says 12 amps total load and I’ve been looking for something to turn off the dust collector and router after my cuts are done. Thanks for the link:)

@Barry, How do you connect your IoT relay so it would stop the router and vac when the cut is done?

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Here you go!

In a nutshell, it’s connected to the hot end fan connection on the board. When we hit the go button, the board thinks it’s 3d printing, so it fires up the hot end fan. When the relay senses power on the input wire it flips the switch for the devices on the power strip. When the power goes away, it turns them off. So basically I just have to make sure the power switch on the router and vac are in the on position before I hit go. I’ve heard of a hack to make all four ports controlled by the internal relay, but haven’t bothered with that yet.

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Should be the same controls as my laser then, thanks!!

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Beauty… couple options there.

I received this switch in today and installed it. It works awesome! Thanks for the tip. For others thinking of doing this, it is real worth it. For anyone with a mini rambo set up, plug it in to either fan1 or fan2 then add M106 to the beginning of the gcode and M107 to the end of the gcode.