Reinventing the wheel with square tubes

In the wake of L'affaire du Tom seone is making his own printed parts and tubes square extrusions:

I’m guessing it will never see the light of day, but I’ve been wrong before. And if he’s using a bunch of Misumi rails he’s not going to beat the MPCNC price point.

Be interesting to see how he ends up licensing it…

He finished it almost a year ago, maybe 6-7 months. it looks like it cuts as fast as the mpcnc but costs more.

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Hmm you’re right. I guess he’s just finalizing the design for release. Some mention of patrons getting it first, but I haven’t looke into that.

I have been unable to find any cost breakdown (or even an estimate anywhere), but it can’t be cheap.

mgn12h-ish rail+2x blocks are close to $25 for 300mm (Z axis) and $30 for 500mm (X/Y) so that is $160 just for the rails (and the 500mm dimension is probably short. Assuming an outer frame of 750mm square he has 8m+ (25’) of aluminum square stock. HD sells 8’ 1" for $17 so $51+ for tubing. so that’s $210 for rails and square stock vs $45 (conduit and skate bearings).

I like it. Except, those linear rails seem to be binding. that movement doesn’t seem smooth at all. Which I would guess either has to do with the extrusion not being perfectly straight or print inaccuracies?


^Going from one closed source machine (completely free) to another that is PAID just because his overlord Tommy told him to. LOL. Must not be firing on all cylinders.

The more the merrier. Ivan looks like he’s going to sell the plans (like an ebook, I’m assuming). His parts are big emough to scare me off. They look huge. I enjoy his videos though.

Id be happy to see these guys make a cnc. As long as it isn’t copyin Ryan or anyone else, they are totally fine making something like this. I suspect that anyone with the real talent to design, build, and test it will end up making it different enough.

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I like Ivan’s videos and I hope he does well. His homemade CNC is not in the same category as MPCNC for a vareity of reasons. It is version 1, so it contains no lessons from hundreds of people building them, and who will help when a beginner gets stuck? Is there a feedback mechanism where he can update to remedy the sticking points people find?

Matthias Wandel says lots of people buy his plans as a means to give a donation, not necessarily to build machines. I suspect it may be the same with Ivan, not unlike other merch.

I hope he is successful and even if he is, it won’t change the landscape as far as MPCNC is concerned.

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I’ve been following Ivan. This is certainly a reasonable way to build a machine. A big different is the cost of aluminum tubing verses EMT in the US. I cost it out with the hardware and I felt that if I were to go with this, I might as well pay a little extra for the 8020 type stuff.

Update on the build. It’s a good project for comparison and contrast. Cost difference in the rails and but not bad choice with the square tubing. It definitely uses the 3D printer parts very well.

I think it illustrates just how clever Ryan’s design is to use cheaper hardware and get just as good quality.

Ivan’s build seems solid and really chews through the aluminum.

Now compare it to the cost and size of a LowRider and you see how big a machine you can get for little extra in cost.

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I liked that video. It is a super fun format to see the whole thing come together in a few minutes. My impressions:

Seems pretty rigid. It is nice that it is limited to 80mm depth. 30mm tubing doubled up should be pretty rigid, although it is aluminum.

Linear rails seem odd in a cnc machine. They are expensive, and they don’t seem very tolerant to dust to me.

There was a lot of precision drill press work there. I am not sure how forgiving it is to mistakes.

The integrated drag chain and vacumn seems pretty nice.

Overall, I think it will work well for Ivan, but it isn’t as flexible as I would like. It also greatly depends on the user’s ability. Time will tell how well this works if other people start building them.


And, he found 12T pulleys, which I didn’t know existed. The motors he has seem a little small, but the fewer teeth should add some torque.

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I skipped the 12T pulleys because there is very little tooth contact, I was way too worried about the belt skipping so I settled on 16T at one point I did actually do some math on this I believe.

This is his version 2, The progression is cool to see.

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