Reflash for LR from Primo?

I’ve broken down my Primo and am about 80% done with the LR3. I checked the firmware page and I see no firmware for the jackpot/LR combo. Do I need to re-flash the board, or are there just changes in the config I need to make in order to use it?

And is there a guide on which stepper to use where? I recall when I did the primo build there was a nice pic showing where x1/x2 etc plugged into which driver, but I’m losing an X and gaining a Z.

The only required modification is to change your config.yaml

Depending on what version of FluidNC you have, it might be a good practice to fully re-flash to upgrade to a newer version. Can you provide the details on what you have currently?


I think I updated 4’ish months ago. I’ll check the version # when I fire it up. Everything is together and it’s showing signs of life. I’m waiting for 2 2.5 screws to put in the last end stop and with the software change it should be ready to home.