Recovering a print? help please

Hi all,

So firstly, i don’t have an MP3dP, it’s a tronxy X5SA. so this isn’t anything to do with the quality or performance of the v1 3dp solution.

i was printing the LR3 Core and 7hrs from completion, the bowden tube end came unthreaded from the extruder motor assy (see pic). so, i have a print i could potentially resume from.

in hindsight i should have connected repetier host to see what commands were being issued so i knew where to resume from but… i only thought of that AFTER turning the printer off, so… i have no idea of the line it was at / to resume from.

Anyone got any ideas of how i could recover the print? thanks in advance,

Only way i know of is to figure out where it stopped and reslice from there. It is not easy!!! And that part is not one to get wrong.

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You’ll also need to figure out how to home Z with the partial print still on the plate.

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As long as you can home z (i.e. print is far enough out of the way to be able to do that, or you can align it manually to the correct layer height) you can try just counting the number of layers. Remove all of the gcode for the previous layers, and rerun the file. I’ve done it a single time. It was successful, I think, but it also wasn’t for a structural part like this that needs to have dimensions accurate to line up with other parts (just a fan shroud, so being a layer or two off wouldn’t matter if I got it wrong, other than the print being messier at those layers). If your infill is in different directions for different layers that may help identifying the correct layer.

thanks for all the replies, my 3d printing exp isn’t that comprehensive so… i’ve kicked off another new print… i’m loathed to throw the old incomplete print away, so now need to figure out how to make artwork or something else out of it!..

Trying to think outside the box here. Could you maybe flip the part (if possible) so you’re printing “top down” and only print enough that you can glue (probably after some judicious trimming) the two pieces together?

You can try just counting the number of layers. Remove all of the gcode for the previous layers, and rerun the file. It will be successful. But before I can find proposals for managed print solutions, I need to learn more about printing techniques and solutions.