Recommended spoilboard surface tool

What would be a recommended spoilboard surface tool?
I bought a cheap on off Amazon and I don’t think it was square to itself.

Hoping someone can recommend a reasonably priced on.

That is the bit I used, carbide is razor sharp out of the package and seems made well enough for the $30 price tag (no vibes at 16k rpm)

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I have got this one: Sorotec Online-Shop - Werkzeuge (FP.RI.063.0160.050 16 6 10 40 3 X 64,90 EUR), it’s done a great job so far. :slight_smile:

I came to the conclusion that some things cannot be had for cheap. You can either do drugs or have a CNC, not both. :smiley:

I have one of these. Not cheap, but the inserts can be changed out, so in theory, will last forever.

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Have you checked to make sure your spindle is perpendicular to your surface board? Even the most expensive bit won’t help if your machine isn’t true. The bigger diameter bits amplify perpendicularity issues. I just run a 3/4in standard router bit for surfacing and its a good balance

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On a lowrider? How long does that take?


The time you will get the surfacing job done depends on the settings you use (feedrates, overlapping ) and how big is your bed . Mine is a 1600mm x 2800mm work surface… That took almost 20h (in two different runs)

Mine is about 24" x 36" so on the smaller side. I think it ended up taking 15 minutes with a 3/4 bit.

Holy crap how fast were you going for that to take 20hrs!?

Not fast, slow with a ton of overlap. It was 2 runs of 2 passes each. Will give you the settings when i get home from work

that is a very good possibility. I have a modified LR2 that uses the DW660 router.
Here is my set up.

Typically with the LR2 using a router that has a base - like the DW611 - there is less chance the router is not perpendicular. in my case it could be. I need to learn how to do tramming. But my surface cutter is cheap and want to take that out of the equation.

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Holy crap! It only took me three hours to do my full sheet! I do like a 90% step over.

On the mpcnc it do a 50% I think. The smaller surface is more important to me than the big guy.

Mine left some nasty ugly lines in the base mdf first. I had to correct that then placed the mdf to be used as spoil board and surfaced that.

All runs using 1" diameter bit
First run 2passes @18mm/seg with a deep of cut of 0.2 using 10mm overlapping ( (that leaved more marks than my daughter with a pencil on the walls when she was 2y)

Second run 2 passes @25mm/seg with a deep of cut of 0.2 using 17mm overlapping. Leaved significant less marks.

Machined bed size: 1300mm x 2550mm

That’s about the speed I did mine but I cut mine 1mm deep in a single pass. Just still can’t see how that would take 20hrs. By the sounds of what you’re doing your not trammed properly.

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Going to be checking that on Wednesday I think i have that day off.

I think I did two different posts if you have the time and want to do it right I would suggest my post where I used a mirror and a dial indicator. I just can’t find it on my mobile

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