recommended setting for pine 2.4 cutting

can anyone tell me what they are cutting pine boards at? i seem to not be able to get it.


What size machine, what spindle, what kind of bit?


Way to big but i cut it down. about 1100 x 920 x 110 mm. I placed in the waste board to be higher to reduce z. Using 500 E11 spindle with Spiral milling cutter, 3.175 cutting diameter, 17mm cutting length, and 38.5 overall length.

surface speed 1 m/min

cutting feed rate 150 mm/min

feed per tooth .498 mm

lead in/lead out/ramp feed rate 300 mm/min

plunge feed rate 150 mm/min

max of 1 and .75 MM depth per pass.





If you are having troubles at that speed something is wrong.

Picture of your bit at least?

Taller waste board is not as good as a shorter machine, you still have long legs.

Try not using fusion and try out estlcam I suspect you are missing a few settings. Fusion360 CAM is not for beginners, I don’t even like using it. Use estlcam, follow my tutorials and see at what point it goes wrong.

Tutorials are found on the info, how-to page, try the intermediate.


The bits

That looks to be a very low quality upcut bit with two flutes that are very shallow, probably made for drywall zip cutters. I suspect that is the biggest issue. Try some higher quality ones. You also might want to get a single flute and a dual flute to see what works best with your spindles RPM, the Dewalt likes a single flute.

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can you link the ones in your shop you recommend?


single flute my favorite -

V bit for the detailed carving -

Standard two flute -

Those are the ones I think everyone should have, the others are a tiny bit more specialized.

purchased, i would have picked a faster shipping if it was available.