Recommendations for quick attach mounts

I am going to buy an extruder for my mpcnc from this site. I was hoping to make some quick attach mounts to make swapping heads easier. I might add a laser in the future. Any recommendations on this. I am using a dewalt router.

Swapping tools with my mounts only takes a few screws, if you glue the nuts in the mount it only takes a minute or two to swap. I feel these mounts are the most rigid. There are some others out there but how much time do you really need to save and sacrifice rigidity?

Makes sense. What kind of glue do you use?

Hot glue or super glue, you just don’t want to be able to push them out.

I like the Hicwic system:

Just slides in and out, with option to bolt it down with 4 screws. I could also make a bench mount (there may even be a design on thingiverse already) compatible with it to fix the tool sideways, and not necessarily on the MPCNC.

Yeah it seems a bit loose with a homebrew Dremel mount in there, haven’t tried something as heavy as Makita or bolt the thing down. Probably still have to print a 525 universal mount. Adding a 525->Hicwic adapter would make the tool stick out too much.