Recommend set of bits for milling foam in europe

I recently purchased a Makita 700 series router for my MPCNC.

I found a set of 8mm collet bits and was able to use the 6mm wide one for my first 2.5 D test run.

My ultimate goal is to do highly detailed 3D cuts in foam, and I’m trying to find a good set that is available in Europe for fast delivery to Croatia.

I’ve read that HSS steal is best for foam, and I’m looking for a set that fits a 6/8 mm collet.

Any suggestions?


Ended up going with the following in case anyone with more knowledge would like to throw in some pros/cons about getting started with a set such as the following:

Hey! I was thinking of replying to this one, but it slipped. I was in the same position as you, initially. I tried to find good places to source bits for the makita collets (6mm and 8mm). But to me, it seemed like the selection was poorer, and the mills very expensive compared to the 3.175mm (1/8") ones. So first I got an adapter from 6mm to 3.175, but they wobbled and was hard to keep properly in place. (the bits sometimes got stuck in the piece)

Soo - in the end I settled for something like this: 1/8" Collet for Makita Trim Routers and haven’t looked back since! I only use the 6/8mm collets for heavy material removal, the rest is done with 1/8" bits now.

The one you linked is from Elaire Corp (, you can order them from Ryan‘s shop (Makita 1/8" collet – V1 Engineering Inc) as well. I ordered mine directly at Elaire before Ryan had them in store.

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Haha, talking about crossing the stream for water! Thanks, I wasn’t aware.