Really interesting article about amazon

I know there are some strong opinions about the amazonpocalypse here. This changed my perspective on them. I just bought a car, and I really wish amazon sold cars…

If Amazon and Tesla ever get together…

I’d be buying my electricity from the cheapest vendor each month. :wink:

Would you choose prime shipping, or just get the used stuff on the slow boat?

If/when they start their own shipping service I wonder what is going to happen.

It is hard for me to wrap my head around why a service like USPS has not completely taken over. USPS goes to all(most) every US address everyday, why haven’t they dominated in daily delivery. To me They have had the infrastructure in place, the only competition I can see is overnight and next day stuff. That would take extra work. If Amazon was going to start driving in truckloads of mail every hour to them, even if they only got $0.10 per package (they get way more) I don’t see how it takes much extra work. More space in the truck and the larger load slows down the carrier a bit.

For a company to have to start there own shipping company seems like someone at USPS is making a huge mistake. I could understand hey we want to try drone same hour delivery, but for the day to day stuff being dropped of locally it makes no sense. At costco they would get in huge pissing contests over .02 per case of soda, stop carrying their product for a while etc…Makes me wonder if something like that happened at the USPS.

USPS has the govt messing with them though. They are treated like a utility, they get subsidies to go to BFE, and they cant gouge customers at Christmas, by law. They are not a branch of govt, but they are the farthest from agility. I think they basically grew fat, and they know they can’t make a ton or lose a ton of money. I bet they can’t offer volume discounts, or preferential treatment to customers like Amazon.

I am not trying to get political here, so please don’t flame me, or make me want to flame you. The counterpoint is that people who live in the mountains need their insulin too, so it is a needed utility. It just makes them unable to compete with ups or FedEx.

That is what I am saying, they are going out there anyway. The most odd thing is they are by far the cheapest service. FedEx and UPS are at least double for international and they don’t ship everywhere. For domestic sometimes the prices get close but USPS is so much faster.

Fedex takes about 5 shipping days from indiana to here for a crazy price, usps $12 2-3 days.

Shipping is insanely complex I am sure there are things I am not considering.

As for the rest of amazon, tough for guys like me. The price you have on there has to be the lowest, you can not sell them on your own site for less (same price is okay) They wanted 12%, plus shipping, and they hold your money for 90 days for the return policy. Last time I checked this could all be different now. But everyone wants that “free shipping”, I have been tempted many times to just increase my price and offer free US shipping and a lower international, but it would end up more expensive in the end. Ebay and amazon tax you on your sale price, so if you offer free shipping I have to give more money to the IRS as collected sales tax because of a higher sale price to counteract the free shipping. It is such a confusing lose lose for the little guy. Bulk sellers it is a free for all they just buy product and have it shipped directly to amazon and never touch it, so who cares if they only make $.25/item.

Yeah, the two biggest problems that USPS has is the Congress has to approve any price adjustments and they have to provide delivery to everywhere. Without those we’d be paying about the same for their services as we pay for UPS or FedEx and rural people would have to drive in to the train station/bus terminal/airport to get their package.