Re-cutting after mistake

I had something stuck under my waste board at one end and I removed it during the surfacing at the start of a cut (dumb, I know). It made my piece move up by about 1 mm. I stopped the run and restarted it, but I know I’ll have a portion that is cut slightly lower than the rest of the piece.

Assuming I move nothing once the g-code has run its course (on the MPCNC), could I go back into Estlcam (which I still have open), delete all the cuts, then re-add the surfacing portion (my 1st move in the original program) only 1 mm deeper? If I don’t touch any end switches or move anything, my 0 point on the MPCNC should remain the same, correct?

Thanks for any help.

If your steppers do not power down, by default you have 6 minutes.

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I’ll have to be quick! Thanks.

M84 SXXXX will change the timeout on the steppers, I set mine to 30 mins to give me time for tool changes/program fixes/etc. Just put in the desired # of seconds where I have “XXXX” (ex. 30 mins M84 S1800).


I need to modify the Fusion post to not shut the motors off and go to a known location at the end of a cut, generally I like to keep everything locked until I’m done with the machine, at which point I’ll just power it down. Right now I’m just manually changing the code I after I post it.

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I ran into a similar issue but working from the SD card I had no choice but to power down to make a quick edit to the file. Thinking my MPCNC was zeroed I ran it only to realize that when the machine reached the end of the previous run it took the z up 5mm (clearance plane). The new cut started 5mm off the workpiece. I stopped it, rezeroed and ran again.

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