RC7 or RC8 for laser & t8 leadscrew?

Hopefully a quick question here. I’m also not on here a lot, so I apologize if this has been covered and I’ve missed it. I’m currently running RC7 firmware on my machine that I use for 3D printing. (Pretty stock hardware setup from here). I am getting things around to add a 2.8W laser and I’m going to upgrade to the T8 leadscrew as I get a lot of Z banding that matches the thread on my 5/16" all thread. I’ve switched out all thread and made sure that it is true in the coupler, and not too tall of Z height.

Anyway, I saw this : https://www.v1engineering.com/software-updates/

and wondered if I should stick with the RC7 for printing and laser or update to RC8 for the T8 leadscrews as I can’t seem to find the default axis steps per unit in the RC7. Also, any issues using RC8 for the laser? TIA

I would use the current firmware on this page. The steps are set for you and the laser is no problem.


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Awesome, thanks!