Raspberry PI octoprint setup

What is the difference between the V1Pi and a normal raspberry pi octoprint install.

I can use the raspberry pi loader to create an octopint pi. I have been trying to find the instructions on how to flash the V1Pi with no lunch so far.

I think I found it, but I would like to know what the difference is

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The V1Pi includes Octoprint, CNC.js, and (if you select the Hotspot version) RaspAP access point management. These are the versions of each tool that were current when V1Pi was released.

I’ve used a couple of version of V1Pi and found it met my needs, but I’ve got a Burly and a home-cloned Prusa mk3 printer both plugged into the same Pi 3B+. Octoprint always updated with no problems, but when I tried updating the CNC.js it got ugly, so I don’t try to update that piece any more until @jeffeb3 puts out a new version of V1Pi.